Pay As You Go

Today turned into a largely writing day, which was unexpected but very nice. In addition to doing a whole lot of work for my consultancy projects, I wrote two blogs for my website and posted one today and will save the other for later on.  I find that if I post two too close together then neither of them has as much impact as I would like.

The blog that I posted was all about how each coaching client is unique and has their own story and their own set of strengths and challenges, which is why a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to coaching just does not work for me (or my clients). You can read it here. Please let me know your thoughts after you have read it?

I was much better about not letting emails take over my life and have been very disciplined and not responded to any since 10 o’clock this morning.  On reflection, it is probably no coincidence, then, that I managed to get so much done today!

I had just one client today – a return visit by a client who I worked with a while ago.  I have a number of clients who and pop in for a top-up whenever they feel like they need the time and space to reconnect with themselves and get clear on what the next step is.   I love these sessions; it is such a privileged to be able to remain connected to my clients in an ongoing way – even if it is once a year or so  – and to witness their continued growth.

Another reason why I don’t insist on clients committing to a set number of sessions in advance, but have a ‘Pay As You Go’ policy….



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